Grand Transition project

Deals with the process of long-run development

Related to democracy project

Main papers

Joint project with Erich Gundlach, GIGA IAS and Hamburg University, Germany

Two Views on Development and Institutions
The Grand Transition vs the Primacy of Institutions

Kyklos 61, 65-100, 2008. {Also under Corruption Project}

Farewell critical junctures
Sorting out the long-run causality of income and democracy

European Journal of Political Economy 25, 340-54, 2009.
The empirical study uses the Polity data set

The transition of corruption:
From poverty to honesty

Economic Letters. 103, 146-48, 2009 {Also under Corruption Project project}
Analyzing causality between income and corruption in the long run.

The Democratic Transition
Short-run and long-run causality between income and the Gastil index

European Journal of Development Research 24 144-68, 2012
The empirical study uses the polity data set

The agricultural, demographic and democratic transitions
Two estimation models with the reverse results

Working paper Aarhus and Kiel. September 2010.
From many revisions and discussions the following two papers emerged

Jumps into democracy
Integrating short and the long run in the Democratic Transition

Kyklos 71(3), 456-81 July 2018

Appendix , December 2017

A study of triggering events
When do political regimes change?

p.t. conference paper
5th version November 2018

The transition in the growth rate
4th version, October 2018

Appendix, October 2018

See also paper on the income-growth relation on the growth, trade and debt page

The religious transition

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Spin-off papers

An essay on the Muslim Gap. Religiosity and the political system.
Chapter 10 pp 213-42 in R. Wintrobe and M. Ferrero, eds., 2009.
The Political Economy of Theocracy. Palgrave Macmillan

The spirits of capitalism and socialism. A cross-country study of ideology.
Public Choice 150, 469-98 {Also listed under Democracy papers}
With Christian Bjørnskov, Department of Economics, Faculty of Business, Aarhus University

Background papers

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