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The Measuring Democracy Project

(1) Do democracy indices tell different stories? Comparing eight democracy indices
4th version December 2022. Also Economics Working Paper 2021-10

(1b) Net Appendix, revised April 2023

(2) Explaining the path of the democratic transition
The inevitable collaps of the three pillars model

Several versions, latest November 2023

(2b) The OPEC/MENA exception to the democratic transition
Several version. November 2023

(3) The transition of education. A cross-country macro approach
European Journal of Political Economy, online February 2023

(6b) Net Appendix, revised January 2023

(4) Income, Growth, and Democracy. Looking for the causal structure
small revisions, November 2023

(4b) Net Appendix, June 2023

(5) Do relatively democratic countries grow faster?
November 2023

(4b) Net Appendix, July 2023

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