Publication List, not including newspaper articles and similar

List appears with most recent publications first.


Papers for the last few years are probably available as pdf files
from Working Papers


Measuring democracy, 1972-2016. How different are eight democracy indices?
Working paper May 2021


Measuring democracy, 1960-2016. How different are the Polity and the V-Dem indices?
Working Paper March 2021


The Democratic Transition the Story of the Long Run
Conference paper December 2020


The Grand Pattern of Development and the Transition of Institutions
Book under publication by Cambridge University Press, pp 250.
Expected in August 2021


The political economy of strikes: a socio-economic indicator
For: Zimmermann, K.F., ed., Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics
Working paper July 2020


Has Democracy Decreased in the 21st Century?
Working paper, May 2019


Kernels used for beauty contests of competing causal theories
Working paper, March 2019


With Erich Gundlach
A hump-shaped transitional growth path as a general pattern of long-run development
Economic Systems 44(3) 14 pages, article 10825, September 2020


The Transition of Corruption. Institutions and dynamics
European Journal of Political Economy 67(2), 17 pages, article 101952, March 2021