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The OPEC/MENA exception to the democratic transition
A note to 305


What is the relation between corruption and religiosity?
A note for future work


Do relatively democratic countries grow faster?
Working paper with net appendix, July 2023


The kernel-pair method of causal analysis
Working paper, April 2023


Income, Growth, and Democracy. Looking for the causal structure
Working paper with net appendix, latest June 2023


Explaining the path of the democratic transition.
The inevitable collapse of the three pillars model

Several versions rewritten 2023


The transition of education. A cross-country macro analysis
European Journal of Political Economy, online February 2023


Three sets of evidence about aid effectiveness.
The micro-macro paradox of aid revisited

Working paper, latest June 2023


In Hellwig, T., Singer, M., eds.
Economics and Politics Revisited.
Oxford University Press, 2023