Publication List, not including newspaper articles and similar

List appears with most recent publications first.


Papers for the last few years are probably available as pdf files
from Working Papers


Has Democracy Decreased in the 21st Century?
Working paper, May 2019


Kernels used for beauty contests of competing causal theories
Working paper, March 2019


The transition in the growth rate
Working paper, 5th version, March 2019


With Erich Gundlach
The Transition of Corruption
Institutions and dynamics

Working paper, April 2019


Methods used in economic research
An empirical study of trends and levels

3rd version, November 2018


Does system instability harm development?
A comparative empirical study of the long run

For special issue of Public Choice, August 2019


A study of triggering events. When do political regimes change?
Public Choice online first, doi 10.1007/s11127-019-00678-4
June 16th 2019


J.O. Krag, et essay
Kapitel 8 i Hansen, J., Kærgård, N., Thomsen, J.S., red., 2019.
Med hånden på statskassen. Økonomer i regering. DJØFs Forlag, København


With Hristos Doucouliagos and TD Stanley
Skating on Thin Evidence: Implications for Public Policy
European Journal of Political Economy 54, 16-25, October 2018