Corruption project:

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(see also 187, 169, 165, 164, 117, 103 on publication list)

Documentation to old published papers:

(164) The big pattern of corruption. Economics, culture and the seesaw dynamics.
European journal of Political Economy 18,215-140, 2002. Data

(169) Corruption and Religion. Adding to the economic model.
Kyklos 54,383-414, 2001. Data

The TI-index of corruption, 1995-2010. A description
A background paper to future research

Other papers which contains analysis of corruption:
The first two are also refered to under other projects

Two Views on Development and Institutions.
The Grand Transition vs the Primacy of Institutions
Kyklos 61, 65-100. 2008. {Also under Grand Transition project}
With Erich Gundlach,GIGA IAS and Hamburg University , Germany
Discusses the relation between growth, income and corruption as one of two examples

Mere hjælp til Afrika. Hvad vil man opnå?
Økonomi og Politik 80 nr 2, 2-20. 2007. {Also under Development Aid Project}
Effekten af hjælp på vækst, korruption og demokrati i Afrika.
Hertil hører:
Appendix 1. Lande og datas egenskaber
Appendix 2. Data
Appendix 3. TSIV estimater

Er der en sammenhæng mellem u-landshjælp og korruption?
Konferencepapir. 2005.

New papers:

The transition of corruption: From poverty to honesty
Economic Letters 103, 146-47, 2009 {Also under Grand Transition project}
With Erich Gundlach, GIGA IAS and Hamburg University, Germany
Analyzing causality between income and corruption in the long run.

The Transition of Corruption. Institutions and dynamics
European Journal of Political Economy online first October 2020
Net Appendix

Can democracy and religiosity explain corruption?
An empirical survey of cross-country data

Working paper, February 2024

(4a) All R scores incl the ones used.