Grand Transition project

Religious Transition

A brief survey of the project

An Essay on the Religious Transition.
An economic perspective

Latest version July 2017

Papers on cross-country data and theory

The religious transition. A long-run perspective
Public Choice 156, 105-123, 2013
With Erich Gundlach, GIGA IAS and Hamburg University, Germany

Online appendix to the regious transition

An model of the religious transition
Theoretical Economics Letters 2012, 419-22
With Erich Gundlach, GIGA IAS and Hamburg University, Germany
A theoretical explanation of the religious transition
linking it to the theory of economic growth.

Background papers on present Danish data

Church density and the church membership ratio.
The cross-municipal pattern in Denmark, 2nd version 2013

The present churches: Age and size distribution
The data as an Excel file

Papers on Danish long-run time series data

Danish church data on separate page

The political economy of churches in Denmark, 1300-2015
With Ella Paldam, Public Choice p.t. net first
Doi: 10.1007/s11127-017-0455-7, 2017

An economic perspective on the Reformation
and the downscaling of the Church in Denmark, 1450-1650
Spinn-off paper from previous paper July 2017.

The Religious Transtion: Denmark 1750-2015
With Ella Paldam, Department of The Study of Religion, Aarhus university.
Previous version presented at the SSSR conference at Newport Beach, LA, 2015,
Present version February 2017