Democracy project

Project closed and replaced by Grand Transition project.

The newest papers are the Measuring Democracy project.

First set of papers all published 2007:

The big pattern of democracy. A study of the Gastil Index.
Chapter 5 pp 103-129 in A. Marciano and J.-M. Josselin, eds, 2007.
Democracy, Freedom and Coercion: A Law and Economics Approach.
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.

The pattern of Democracy in the 20th century. A study of the Polity index.
Chapter 15 pp 255-276 in J. Casas and P. Schwartz, eds, 2007.
Public Choice and the Challenges of Democracy. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.
With Peter Sandholt Jensen, Institut for Virksomhedsledelse og Økonomi, SDU

Why is the World Short of Democracy? A Cross-Country Ananlysis
of Barriers to Representative Government.

European Journal of Political Economy 23, 582-604. 2007.
With Vani K. Borooah, Department of Economics, University of Ulster.

Has democracy decreased in the 21st century?
Working paper May 2019

Spin off papers:

See under Grand Transition project

Papers in Danish:

Mønstret i demokratiets udbredelse i verden.
Økonomi og Politik 79 (3), 33-50. 2006.
En bredere tilgængelig oversigt over resultaterne af de ovennævnte papirer
undtagen de nyeste

Backgground documentation:

Explaining the Gastil Democracy index. Using the Polity scale for comparison.
Extra regressions for the three first above studies