Methodology studies

A check of Maddison's gdp data
Benford's law with some range problems
Conference peper 2010

An essay about publication bias and strikes
Conference paper 2012

Regression Costs Fall, Mining Ratios Rise, Publication Bias Looms, and Techniques Get Fancier:
Reflections on Some Trends in Empirical Macroeconomis

Econ Journal Watch 10(2), 136-56. 2013
First version was termed: The mining ratio in applied macroeconomics

Simulating an empirical paper by the rational economist
Empirical Economics 50, 1383-1407, 2016 (DOI 10.1007/s00181-015-0971-6)
Earlier versions (with similar titles) have been given as keynotes at
the EPCS-2014 in Cambridge (April) and the MAER-Net 2014 Colloquium in Athens (September).
Also Economics Working Paper 2013-27 from Department of Economics Århus University

Programs for a replication of simulation on separate page

A model of the representative economist, as researcher and policy advisor
European Journal of Political Economy 54, 6-15, 2018

The economic model of man and the representative economic researcher
Accepted by Cristian Bjørnskov and Richard Jong-a-Pin, Handbook of Public Choice
Edward Elgar 2023

Methods used in economic research:
An empirical study of trends and levels

Economics. The Open-Access, Open-Assessment e-journal 15, 28-42 2021

Research methods in economics
For edited handbook on methods in the socal sciences 2023 (or 24)

The kernel-pair method of causal analysis
May 2023

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Papers on meta-methods