Meta methodology studies

Natural funnel asymmetries
A simulation analysis of the three basic tools of meta-analysis.

Research Synthesis Methods 2, 84-102. 2011
with Laurent Callot, Free Univ. Amsterdam

Meta-analysis of economics research reporting guidelines
Journal of Economic Surveys 27(2), 390-94. 2013
with Stanley, T.M. (main author), Doucouliagos, H., Giles, M., Heckmeyer, J.H., Johnson, R.J., Laroche, P.,
Nelson. J.P., Poot, J., Pugh, G., Rosenberger, R.S., Rost, K.,

How do partly omitted control variables influence
the averages used in meta-analysis in economics?

Revised version of paper for MAER-net conference in Greewich, September 2013
Also Economics Working Paper 2013-22 from Department of Economics Århus University

Net Appendix

Meta-analysis in a nutshell: Techniques and general findings
Short introduction to meta analysis
Economics. The Open-Access, Open-Assessment e-journal 9 April 14th 2015

Biases in papers by rational economists.
The case of clustering and parameter heterogeneity

First version for the the MAER-Net 2015 Colloquium in Prague (September).

Skating on Thin Evidence: Implication for Public Policy
European Journal of Political Economy 54, 16-25. 2018
with Hristos Doucouliagos and T.D. Stanley

Net Appendix

Meta-mining: The poltical economy of meta-analysis
Kyklos 76, 125-140, January 2023
Second half of paper use development aid as case study
Net Appendix April 2022

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