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With Henrik Christoffersen and Peter Nannestad
Two Good Societies: Switzerland and Denmark
Chapter 1 in 264


Two wealthy economies and their development
Chapter 2 in 264.


With Peter Nannestad
Two stylized models
Chapter 3 in 264.


With Peter Nannestad
Chapter 9 in 264.


With Peter Nannestad
The future of the Danish welfare state
Chapter 10 in 264.


Rents in a welfare state.
Chapter 19 pp 328-349 in
Congleton, R.D. and Hillman, A.L., eds.
Companion to the political economy of rent seeking.
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham U.K., April 2015


with Erich Gundlach
A model of the religious transition
Theoretical Economic Letters 2012 (2), 419-22


Regression Costs Fall, Mining Ratios Rise, Publication Bias Looms, and Techniques Get Fancier:
Reflections on Some Trends in Empirical Macroeconomics.

Econ Journal Watch 10(2), 136-56. 2013


The mining ratio in applied macroeconomics
Conference paper 2012 replaced by 256a


An essay about publication bias and strikes
Conference paper 2012