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With Zoheid Askarov and Hristos Doucouliagos
Development aid, ideology, and good governance
Conference paper (under refereeing in journal). 2018


An economic perspective on the Reformation
and the downscaling of the Church in Denmark, 1450-1650

Conference paper. 2016


With Erich Gundlach
Jumps into democracy
Integrating the short and the long run in the Democratic Transition

Kyklos 71(3) 456-81 July 2018


With Erich Gundlach
Socioecomic transitions as common dynamic processes
conference paper. 2016


With Ella Paldam
The Religious Transition in Denmark, 1750-2015
Conference paper. 2016


With Ella Paldam
The political economy of churches in Denmark, 1300-2015
Public Choice 172(3-4), 443-63. 2017


A model of the rational economist, as researcher and policy advisor
European Journal of political Economy 54, 6-15, 2018


An essay on the Religious Transition
The macro-economic perspective

Posted on home page, 2015


Biases in papers by rational economists.
The cases of clustering and parameter heterogeneity

Conference paper: Posted on home page. 2015


Documentation: The non-linear growth-income relation
Posted on home page 2015