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With Ella Paldam
The Religious Transition in Denmark, 1750-2015
Conference paper. 2016


With Ella Paldam
The political economy of churches in Denmark, 1300-2015
Public Choice 172(3-4), 443-63. 2017


A model of the rational economist, as researcher and policy advisor
European Journal of political Economy 54, 6-15, 2018


An essay on the Religious Transition
The macro-economic perspective

Posted on home page, 2015


Biases in papers by rational economists.
The cases of clustering and parameter heterogeneity

Conference paper: Posted on home page. 2015


Documentation: The non-linear growth-income relation
Posted on home page 2015


With Erich Gundlach
The non-linear growth-income relation
A new look at a much analyzed relation

Posted on home page, p.t. conference version 2015


Meta-analysis in a nutshell: Techniques and general findings
Economics. The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-journal.
Vol 9 Aril 14th 2015


The public choice of university organization:
a stylized story with some explanation

Constitutional Political Economy 26, 137-58. 2015


With Hristos Doucouliagos
Finally a breakthrough?
The recent rise in the size of the estimates of aid effectiveness

Cpt. 20, pp 325-49 in M. Arvin and B. Lew eds., Handbook on the Economics of Foreign Aid.
Edward Elgar,December 2015.