Other projects

Immigration project:
(see 196, 193 and 173 on publication list)
With Sheetal K. Chand, Department of Economics, Oslo.

Some economics of immigration from an LDC to a DC
In Federico Foders and Rolf J. Langhammer (eds.), 2006.
Labor Mobility and the World Economy,
Springer, Berlin and Heidelberg

Immigration policy and the Nordic welfare states.
Partly in: Introduction to symposium "Immigration and the Welfare State"
European Journal of Political Economy 23, 448-52 (2007)

Social Capital project:

(see 157, 166 and 170, 173, 178, 187 and 198 on publication list)

Social capital questionnaire

Two versions of papers on generalized trust. The first
is a short version and the second is better documented

The macro perspective on generalized trust
G.T. Svendsen and G.L.H. Svendsen, eds.,
Handbook of Public Choice.The Troika of Sociology, Political Science and Economics
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2009

Generalized trust. The macro perspective
Chapter 12, 331-57 in L. Sacconi, G.D. Antoni, eds.,
Social Capital, Corporate Social Responsibility and Performance
Palgrave Macmillan (December 2010) 2011

Other papers:

A check of Maddisonís gdp data
Benfordís Law with some range problems