Meta studies

These studies are related to development aid

The AAL: the Aid Allocation Literature:

The project is joint work with Hristos Doucouliagos, Deakin University (Burwood), Melbourne.

These studies looks at the factors determining the aid flows.
Our project is planned to reach five to six papers. The bibliography and the first three are:

(1) The AAL bibliography,
with Pia Wichman Christensen, covers 166 papers
Master list of the AAL: the Aid Allocation Literature.

(2) Explaining development aid allocation by growth: A meta study.
Journal of Entrepreneurship & Public Policy 2, 21-41. 2013

(3) A meta study of development aid allocation: The effect of income level and population size.
WP 2007-15 conference paper

(4) Development aid inertia: An empirical study of the data and the literature
conference paper 2009

(5) Rewarding good political behaviour: US aid, democracy, and human rights
European Journal of Political Economy 71 article 102089, Januay 2022
Also with Zohid Askarov and T.D. Stanley